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A spring spectacular with all the colours and accompaniment.


Dates to follow.



Fees are £28 per day (siblings £26.00)


Some times there will be additional charges for our trips and work shops these can be found on our activity time table.

Terms & Conditions
The aim of the Stepping Stones 4 Holidays is to provide quality, accessible childcare offering a range of play activities in a welcoming child centred environment. We aim to meet the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of each individual child and incorporate equal opportunities into all areas of our work




  • The Club will be open at the following times: From 8:00am till 5.30pm
  • All fees will be in accordance with our fees policy and payable in advance. Current rates are All day - £28.00 (siblings £26.00)
  • Charges during absence will be in accordance with our admissions policy
  • Children will be handed over at the end of each session, only to the adult(s) who have been identified on the registration form
  • If a child becomes ill whilst attending a session we will inform the named contact and the child will be looked after in a quiet area until collected. The child will be observed for any worsening symptoms. The parent/carer will be notified verbally the same day at the end
  • Medicines will only be administered according to our medical policy
  • We will try and arrange alternative cover in the case of staff absence
  • We will treat all children as individuals and endeavour to meet their specific needs
  • We will take account of each child’s special dietary needs
  • In the case of emergencies, please see our emergency procedure policy
  • We will provide a relaxed and friendly environment where children are free to choose from a wide range of play opportunities. Any behaviour which is likely to lead to the safety and enjoyment of others being compromised will be dealt with in accordance with our Behaviour Policy
  • We will make sure that all parents/carers are aware of any changes to the Club’s policies
  • We will act on any complaint as explained in our complaints procedure.




    You book and pay for your child’s place one month in advance
  • You give notification if your child is unable to attend the Club if a place has been reserved for them
  • All fees are required in advance and should be paid by bank transfer, cash or if you wish to pay by cheque their will be a charge of 65p. Once a session is booked fees paid are non refundable and all absences (illnesses, other absences) will still require payment in full.
  • You give notification if your child is unable to attend the Club if they have contracted a communicable or infectious disease, which is notifiable under health and safety legislation
  • You regularly update us of changes in authorised persons able to collect your child, or changes in doctor’s details, or changes of address
  • You will keep us informed of any changes that may affect your child’s well-being


Stepping Stones 4 Holidays reserves the right to exclude any child should any of the above terms and conditions not be met.
Activity Timetable

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